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Vara ist eine Sukkubus und eine von vier Hauptcharakteren im Comicband "The Witcher: Im Glashaus". Sie kommt ursprünglich aus Vengerberg, musste die Stadt jedoch gezwungenermaßen verlassen.

Im Comic The Witcher: Im Glashaus[]

Varas Erscheinen im Comic ist eher bizarr. Die ganze Geschichte hindurch ist sie ein weiblicher, erotischer und sogar romantischer Charakter; ihr ganzes Auftreten steht in starkem Kontrast zu der düsteren und tragischen Handlung und Schauplatz des Comics. Fast jeder Satz von ihr ist verführerisch und voll versteckter sexueller Andeutungen, wie man es von einem Sukkubus erwartet. lace.

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"Ohh, not so rough!" - "What?"

Sie trifft Geralt bald nachdem er und der Jäger Jakob das verfluchte Glashaus betreten (Heft 2). Ihr erstes Zusammentreffen ist etwas abrupt, überraschend und irgendwie gewalttätig, doch sobald sie ihre Waffen und Klauen surprising and somewhat violent but soon after they put away their swords and claws introducing themselves. She explains Geralt she means no harm and that above all else she is bored to death and that like her, he is also trapped in the house. At the beginning Geralt is rather cold and distrustful towards her, but his cautiousness slowly subsides as the two start drinking, talking and as the succubus shares what she knows of this strange house. Vara tells him how she had to flee Vengerberg after the prude society discovered who she really was, how she went undercover and joined a caravan heading for Riedbrune, how she got bored on the long journey and gave herself to the pleasures of not traveling alone, as she says: "in a variety of ways". Finally, how the merchants turned out to be thieves and how they had to run towards Caed Dhu from the armed men hired by the Vivaldi Bank lastly ending in this mansion. She later shows Geralt to the cellar where the companions of hers are supposed to be. The men are no longer human, they are "the cursed" who unlike the succubus, are anything but friendly. After dispatching dozens of the living corpses Geralt goes back up and he is not happy, not one bit. He accuses Vara of trying to trick him, to lead him to his death. It is only thanks to Jakob's pleas, reason and common sense that Geralt stifles his rage, sheaths his sword believing her words, that she had no idea about any of this and that not longer than two weeks ago they were all human. After temporary parting ways with Jakob, Geralt and Vara take a walk befriending each other, trying to make sense of the enormous amount of stained glass present in the house while also talking about great many other things like love.

"But...I gave you something worth living for..."

The two eventually end up deciding on trying to leave. Their attempt is hindered by yet another battle - a Waldschrat appears in the forest with his pack of wolves. After this skirmish our heroes are forced to return to the mansion. As they re-enter, eventually they discover an eerie feast - Jakob and his wife Marta are sitting at the table. Both are forced by the lady to sit and join the feast. The gracious hostess is acting very strange disallowing anyone to get close to her or leave the table. Thus, "guests" decide to ease the mood and start talking. At some point Marta simply disappears and Jakob yet again parts ways with the witcher and succubus. Thanks to Vara who stops Geralt the two narrowly avoid another fight, this time with a Gruftweib only to end up in... a bathtub.

At first Geralt enjoys his few moments of relax alone but is soon joined by Vara. At first the duo discusses Marta's case but eventually the succubus gets bored of talking... Having spent there a few joyful, joyful hours they are separated as Geralt leaves hearing his mare, traditionally named Plötze, being restless. Eventually Geralt meets Marta again, discovers the truth behind the House of Glass and meets up with Vara who admits she's been leading him to it. The riddle is solved and both Vara and Geralt are free to leave.

When offered to join him "until they are fed up with each other" Vara declines, saying she is also cursed. Geralt explains that she became afraid of what would she find outside, feeling safe only inside the house, that she is free to leave at any time and finally encourages her to find the strength not to be afraid. Their parting is shown as bitter-sweet and romantic, as the two grown rather fond of each other gradually becoming lovers, comrades and friends.

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  • Merkwürdigerweise werden Varas Augen als Blau beschrieben; noch merkwürdiger ist, dass ihre Augen auf dem Cover geld sind.
  • Vara is freckled.
  • She wears a red dress with a deep cleavage and straps falling on her arms.
  • Her hair is partially braided. She has four braids going from a top of her forehead to the back of her head where they join.
  • Sie taucht nur ein Mal in ihrer "Sukkubus-Form" auf, die sie mit Hörnern und fledermausartigen Flügeln zeit.
  • Im Gegensatz zu dem Sukkubus in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings hat Vara Flügel, keine Hufe und kein Fell an ihren Beinen. Entweder hat nur sie diese bestimmten Merkmale oder die besondere Fähigkeit, ihre Rasseigenschaften (Hörner, Flügel) zu verbergen - oder alle Sukkubi können es und nur die Sukkubi aus dem Spiel kümmert es einfach nicht, sie zu verbergen.