Lugos Drummond (First, Second and Third)[]

Blueboy Lugos is actually third of name in Clan, second is his father and third grandfather Lugos Harelip (mentioned during quest In the Heart of the Woods) :) --— Juraj103 (Diskussion) 13:29, 3. Mai 2016 (UTC)

Are you sure Lugos Harelip was a Drummond? — »»Dove«« (Diskussion) 17:05, 3. Mai 2016 (UTC)
Pretty shure. 1. He was Lugos 2. Madman and Harald of Fayrlund seems to be about same age and Harald states that he was young when Harelip attacked... pretty fits timewise. 3. Fayrlund is village belonging to Craites somewhere in center of isle and Dimuns & Bokvars are attacking only coasts, and than there is that long lasting fight between Craites and Drummonds for borders. 4. (speculation) Maybe its only me but Madman seems to be angry on whole an Craite clan not only Crach,,,, maybe because they killed his father ? --— Juraj103
So it is not sure, but quite likely. We should make a note about your conclusion in the articles (clan and person). THX for investigating :) — »»Dove«« (Diskussion) 20:31, 3. Mai 2016 (UTC)
Maybe we (you specifically :P)should ask someone from CD Projekt directly, you did this with Vampire of Night to rembember if am right. --— Juraj103 (Diskussion) 12:57, 4. Mai 2016 (UTC)
Hm, it was an interview eye to eye, I had prepared some question for this event... But I will ask when I meet one next time :) — »»Dove«« (Diskussion) 19:11, 4. Mai 2016 (UTC)
Write on some paper, just to not forget :P I believe you and like to work with you :) Juraj103
I'll do my best ;) — »»Dove«« (Diskussion) 21:23, 4. Mai 2016 (UTC)


You asked me once how I am so sure that he is Drummond. Well:

1.) Eldberg Lighthouse is in teritory of Drummond (southern half of Ard Skellig)

2.) Map description says that it was built to light way to Arinbjorn (where Clan Drummond Guards are stationed)

3.) Jorund who cares for safety of lighthouse, says that he is one of few to welcome strangers on Ard Skellig (excrept Craites)

--— Juraj103 (Diskussion) 18:53, 4. Okt. 2016 (UTC)

Good point :) — »»Dove«« (Diskussion) 19:47, 4. Okt. 2016 (UTC)