Hi Ausir, the interlanguage link de > en should work in some minutes, it's just a caching issue at the moment. The redirect from de.witcher to hexer is also set up :-) --rieke (staff) 15:05, 26. Nov. 2007 (UTC)

Hi Ausir,

it seems you didn't get my mail sent on Sun, 10-02-08, sent to pawel.dembowski@gmail.com ? ;-)

I was asking you to...

I want to work on a new category intitled “Eroberungen” which is the same as this one Category:The_Witcher_(computer_game)_(sex_cards)

This category should carry a warning: “Spoiler Alarm! Zu jedem erotischen Artwork werden Hinweise genannt, in welchem Kapitel und mit welchen Verführungskünsten Geralt diese Schönheiten erobert.”

In the german version of that category I want to add to each sex card how Geralt gets the woman etc.

Will you please create this category for the German Hexer Wiki?

regards Petra Silie 17:05, 13. Feb. 2008 (UTC)

Templates and global changes[]

Hi Ausir,
I'm working on the German Hexer Wikia in case of the new Witcher2. For this I'd like to

  1. NeinN done:make some global changes (renaming categories)
  2. create some new page templates.

I hope you can help me or give me (or Petra?) some useful hints :)

[1] Okay, this point I can do manually, of course - but maybe there exists and easier way. I'm thinking of "search and replace" for instance. I have some experience in working with databases and sql (oracle, mysql, vbscript etc.), maybe this could be helpful ...

[2] When the user is creating a new page he can choose between two templates: a preformated site and a simple blank site. I'd like to add to this choice a page template for new charakters and one for new monsters with individual preformated text (see for instance the monster Kayran where the chapter names are the same to the all other monsters in The Witcher 2).
I'm not asking for "how to make a template at all" (I have already some knowledge in wiki coding), I'd rather like to know, how to implement/add a new preformated site to these two standard.
Hm, my English is not perfekt, but I think you can imagine what I have in mind.

Best regards,
»» Dove «« 08:49, 30. Mai 2011 (UTC)

Point [1] doesn't matter anymore. Weas-El is helping me by his bot.
»» Dove «« 07:31, 9. Jun. 2011 (UTC)